Water Damage Restoration in Fairfax County

There are two things everyone needs to know about water damage:

  1. It can happen at any time to your home or business. It can be the middle of the night, over the weekend, or while you're away on vacation.
  2. Time is ticking from the moment the damage occurs.

While restoration can begin anytime, what you do in the first 48 hours can help prevent secondary damage from mold or mildew. Mold in particular is dangerous to your health and can cause headaches and respiratory issues. In general, secondary damage makes a restoration more complicated and much more expensive.

Waiting Makes Damage Worse

Don't wait until the morning, or even another minute! UCM Carpet Cleaning McLean is here for you anytime. Call our hotline at 703-635-7691 24/7 for a prompt, professional response. We proudly serve McLean and other Fairfax County communities in Northern Virginia.

A Complete, Professional Restoration

Flood Damage ProA shop vac can help you remove extra water, but there's much more to taking care of water damage. It's about drying your property so it can be completely repaired, and restoring what needs to be replaced.

Most people don't have the knowledge or technology to address water damage properly. It takes a professional restoration team like UCM Carpet Cleaning McLean. If the damage has settled in, you'll need the best water damage restoration services you can find, and we know exactly the right company - Flood Damage Pro - Water Damage Restoration Specialists.

With their assistance, you'll be able to get the best service and remedy to your home's damage, including full restoration and even dealing with your insurance claim.

We provide everything your property needs for a complete, professional restoration.

  • Emergency water removal service using high-powered extraction equipment.
  • Courteous, compassionate staff members with restoration training and experience.
  • Professional cleaning supplies and sanitizing agents to remove microbes and bacterial growth completely from non-porous surfaces.
  • Professional drying equipment and dehumidifiers to speed drying and return your property to normal humidity levels.
  • Pack out as required to protect belongings from further damage.

UCM Carpet Cleaning McLean also offers emergency fire damage restoration services, to remove damaging soot and remove pervasive smoky odors.

We are glad to offer our assistance with your insurance claim. Call 703-635-7691 now and we'll dispatch our team to your location.

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