Frequently Asked Questions

Q: My carpets don't appear that dirty, should I clean them anyway?
A: Maybe. Depends on how long they went without cleaning. Our recommendation is for our customers to have their carpets cleaned between every 3-9 months, depending on how much foot traffic you have on it, how many pets or children you have running around, how susceptible the people of your household are to allergies and respiratory problems . There are a few reasons for periodically getting your carpets cleaned. Basically, even if there are no particular stains you need to remove, your carpet always accumulates large deposits of dust, dirt, and grime, which contain in them many allergens and contaminants that are released into your indoor air and can potentially cause allergies, respiratory problems, headaches and other negative health issues. So in terms of your health, professionally cleaning your carpets every now and then will go a long way. Besides, when you don't clean your carpets for a long duration, the buildup on the bottom of the carpet and padding, combined with a little seasonal moisture, can become something that would be very hard to remove in the future, and gradually change the texture of the carpet to an unpleasant one.

Q: I love my sofa! I have had it for years. But now my puppy and my baby wreak havoc on it, what do I do?
A: You should seriously consider getting it professionally protected. UCM Carpet Cleaning McLean carries some of the best options for carpet & upholstery protection around. Whichever fabric your sofa is made of, we have the right protectant to keep it as clean as possible. Puppies and babies grow up and become less messy. A sofa that is correctly maintained can definitely stay nice and clean while they grow up. Our sofa protection is 100% safe for children and pets, we work with the biggest names in the industry, such as Scotchgard, Teflon, and many more.

Q: My favorite oriental rug is a mess, but it's quite expensive. Should I send it out to be cleaned?
A: We can do you one better. UCM Carpet Cleaning McLean will gladly come out to your house free of charge, in order to professionally assess the condition of your oriental or Persian rug. We will identify the exact type of wool the rug is made of, the dye work (was it hand or machine made), its present condition, and based on that and a couple of other variables, we will determine the best way to restore your rug to its original state. With high end rugs, often the right way to clean them is indeed at our factory, and for that purpose, we can offer you free pickup & delivery. Sometimes, however, an onsite cleaning would suffice and do the trick. This answer applies to standard wool and synthetic rugs as well.

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