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Professional Cleaning Services

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UCM Carpet Cleaning McLean takes pride in keeping your home, office or business clean and healthy, while at the same time watching out for the environment. We serve households and businesses throughout Fairfax County in Northern Virginia. We do not compromise our customers' health and safety and therefore use only green cleaning products.

As a leading service provider in the carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, area rug cleaning, air duct cleaning and furniture cleaning fields, we've made it our mission to use only highly efficient machinery and Eco-Friendly products. We'll give you the cleanest clean available with the lowest ecological footprint possible. Not to mention highly competitive pricing and attractive cleaning packages for even more savings. Call us for a free estimate: 703-635-7691.

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UCM Carpet Cleaning McLean specializes in full-service, Eco-Friendly cleaning. Carpets, furniture, upholstery and window treatments (including blinds, shades, curtains, draperies, etc.), tile and grout (cleaning and resealing), wood floors, air ducts, water damage restoration, pet stain removal... in short, if you need it cleaned, UCM Carpet Cleaning McLean is the service provider to clean it.

Due to the fact that we use non-toxic methods, children, elderly residents, and even people with respiratory sensitivities will breathe easier throughout the cleaning process and immediately afterwards

These self-contained cleaning units, once reserved for industrial use, harness the pure cleaning power of steam to remove stains, clean, deodorize and sanitize practically any surface. The fact that they are extremely powerful adds another advantage - faster cleaning for reduced overall energy consumption. And the best part? No toxic chemicals. No harsh detergents. No lingering odors or residues to pollute your indoor environment.

Your Indoor Environment Concerns UCM Carpet Cleaning McLean!

All aspects of your indoor environment concern UCM Carpet Cleaning McLean. That's why we invested time and money training our cleaning technicians in the specialized task of air duct cleaning. This intricate task removes bacteria, mold spores, and other airborne pollutants that might be found inside the ducts that carry air to and from your HVAC (heating, vacuum and air conditioning) system. It should be noted that we do not recommend air duct cleaning to everyone, but we do recommend that you ask our cleaning technicians to carry out an evaluation, just to be on the safe side.

No matter how fastidious you are with your regular home or office cleaning regime, it would be unwise to disregard the value of professional carpet and upholstery cleaning. While most carpet and upholstery fabric and fiber manufacturers recommend professional cleaning at least once every two years or so to enhance longevity, that's not the only reason it is important to call on professionals like UCM Carpet Cleaning McLean.

You see, over time, dirt, dust, debris and bacteria (not to mention food particles, body oils and other reminders of human and animal residents) sink into carpets and upholstery, making their way below the surface where they remain. This type of household pollution is often overlooked until interiors begin to look shabby or emit odors. Don't wait. Protect your interiors and your health. Call UCM Carpet Cleaning McLean for a free estimate today 703-635-7691. Don't forget to ask about convenient payment methods and same day/multiple service discounts.

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