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Are you a resident of McLean and its environs? Do you desire to have your mattress clean? If yes, UCM Carpet Cleaning McLean is your go-to service. They are the best guys on the block to bring your mattress back to its former glory!

If you have not been able to sleep soundly for a while now, do you know this might be because your mattress is dirty? As funny as this seems, it is a logical explanation for your disrupted sleep cycle. If dirt is left to accumulate in your mattress, it can lead to an infestation of mold, bacteria, dust mites, allergens, and other pollutants, all of which are harmful to your health. It's then of utmost importance to get it cleaned ASAP.

Why should you call us?

We are readily available to help you out. When it comes to mattress cleaning, our services stand out. We give nothing but the best services to our customers. Here are some strong reasons why you should call us for your mattress cleaning:

  • We offer premium service for just a token

    The kinds of services we offer are top-notch. The amazing thing is you don't have to break the bank to be able to hire us as our services are extremely affordable.

  • Your satisfaction is our goal

    Nothing else gives us more joy than to see that our customers are satisfied with our services. This is our topmost priority!

  • We have the required skill and expertise

    To get your mattress cleaned well, our specialists know their stuff and the right approach to cleaning your mattress perfectly. They have been trained to use modern technology to solve your mattress cleaning needs.

  • We have the requisite equipment

    From high-quality steam machines to effective non-toxic cleaning solutions, we have every piece of equipment at our disposal to give you the best clean.

What will we do to your mattress?

We offer different cleaning services for different cleaning needs. This is because not all customers require the same services as some mattresses will be dirtier than other ones. Here are some of the cleaning methods we will use when called to clean your mattress:

Steam cleaning: this is one of the most effective methods to clean your mattresses. It involves the use of hot water propelled into your dirty mattress, which is then vacuumed back up. In the process of cleaning, all bacteria, molds, dust mites, bedbugs, and roaches are completely taken care of.

Deep cleaning: this is another suitable option that you can opt for. It entails more intense cleaning and it is recommended for extremely dirty mattresses or mattresses that have been abandoned for a long time. This process entails the use of hot water extraction to loosen and remove dust. Chemical solutions are also used as needed to remove stains and to deodorize and kill harmful germs lurking in the mattress. After this is done, another round of cleaning and extraction is done to ensure that the chemicals applied have been removed. Then, the mattress is allowed to dry.

Deep or steam mattress cleaning, which is better?

None is better than the other except that there are circumstances that could warrant the use of any of them. While deep cleaning can be used for mattresses that are extremely dirty to clean them from the inside out, steam cleaning can be used to remove many allergens from the mattress. Most times, steam cleaning is not as intense as the deep cleaning which may also require the application of chemicals to the mattress to deodorize or eliminate harmful bacteria.

While steam cleaning is not bad, deep cleaning should be used for mattresses whose conditions of dirt are quite severe. For instance, you may have to deep clean a mattress that has been abandoned for a long time. Also, mattresses stored in mold-infested areas need to be deep cleaned too.

Wrap Up

For the best mattress cleaning, reach out to us to help you transform your mattress from its present state into a lively and clean one, because keeping dirty mattresses is inimical to your health. As such, reach out to the best guys on the block to help you clean them. Contact us now!

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