How to Remove Stains From a Fabric Sofa

Fabric upholstered sofas are the most used piece of furniture in our homes. Most of the time spent in our homes is on the sofa either playing with pets, watching television, relaxing or even eating and drinking. These activities expose the sofa upholstery to stains and dirt as a result of sweating, food spills, beverage spills, pet dander, and dust. With time if these stains are not cleaned properly, they expose our family and pets to allergens and dust mites that can cause serious health problems. Apart from health issues, accumulated dirt on the sofa fabrics causes discoloration and also makes it hard to remove from the sofa without damaging the fabric. This makes them vulnerable to damage, thus shortening the lifespan of your sofa.

Removing stains from fabric if you are not a professional can be a very tricky affair because fabric upholstery can easily get damaged when not cleaned with the right tools and treatments. To ensure your fabric upholstery lasts and maintains its new comfy look always have the best fabric upholstery cleaners handle your fabric sofa. If you are in McLean, you can easily get a free estimate from the best upholstery cleaning service in McLean by calling UCM Carpet Cleaning McLean.

A good upholstery cleaning team understands the delicate nature of fabrics when it comes to removing dirt and deep-rooted stains from the fabric's fibers. Different types of fabric require different cleaning tools and treatments which is the reason home cleaning or even hiring unprofessional cleaners can be costly in the long run.

What are some of the different types of fabric used for sofa upholstery?

  • Cotton
  • Silk
  • Linen
  • Wool
  • Polyester

How do you identify the fabric used for your upholstery?

Manufacturers always put a tag to help identify the material used and cleaning codes that are applicable for type of fabric in upholstery. Identifying is not enough ensure your free from damage during because there several considerations make such as mixing solutions mode application. This gives even more reasons get professional cleaner manufacturers>

UCM Carpet Cleaning McLean has professional cleaners that have specialized in green upholstery cleaning using state-of-the-art machinery and understanding of the fabrics. Our team normally runs tests before applying the cleaning solution for better results and to ensure your furniture is protected and well taken care of whether your sofa has the cleaning codes or not.

Continue reading to learn more about the sofa stain removal process.

As much as the fabric type is used to determine the cleaning solution used, it is important to note that the type of stain or rather damage also contributes to the process used for any upholstery cleaning exercise.

A good professional upholstery cleaning business should be in a position to ensure they can handle food spills, beverage spills, pet dander, and water damage efficiently to be able to remove the stains and also ensure proper mitigation of the damage. The UCM Carpet Cleaning McLean professionals have dealt with all these types of stains and can comfortably restore your sofa to be as good as new after any damage. We use environmentally friendly solutions for our cleaning process to ensure your home is safe from chemicals. We also provide restoration services on damaged furniture, deodorization, and sanitization after cleaning to leave your furniture habitable for both pets and humans in the shortest time possible after cleaning.

Sofa cleaning process

The most basic rule in the book for fabric upholstery cleaning is to attack the stains as quickly as possible to avoid the dirt getting clogged to the fabrics. As soon as you have an accident it is important to contact professional sofa cleaners as quickly as possible to reduce the chances of extensive damage. UCM Carpet Cleaning McLean understands that our quick response is a game-changer in this business therefore we have professionals on standby to attend to such emergency cleaning calls. Call us now to have our professionals assess your damage immediately.

UCM Carpet Cleaning McLean cleaning process is made up of a thorough process that ensures damages on and below the upholstered fabric are mitigated and no traces of dust, molds, and any dirt intertwined within the fabric is left and most importantly your fabric maintains a clean and new feel.

  1. The first step in this process is to assess the damage and type of stain. This helps have a quick estimate and also know the type of tools and solutions to be used.
  2. The second step is to analyze the fabric type of the upholstery which is also used to narrow down on the cleaning solution and provide the exact estimate of the cleaning process.
  3. Using the results in 1. and 2., our experts decide on the solutions that are best for the type of your fabric and the degree of your damage.
  4. Before the cleaning process begins our experts run a test on your fabric to ensure we got the correct solution to avoid damaging your fabric and identify the results of the whole process.
  5. The cleaning process begins at this point and depending on the damage extent, various cleaning methods such as vacuuming, spot removal, dirt extraction, steam cleaning, and deep cleaning are used to remove dirt intertwined in fabrics and under the fabric and clean surface stains. These methods are done using modern specialized equipment and environmentally friendly detergents.
  6. After all stains are removed, we extract all excess moisture to help speed up drying and removing moisture on your upholstery to avoid mold and bacteria growth which occurs when the surfaces are left wet.
  7. After dehumidifying, deodorizing and sanitization then follows to ensure your furniture is left free from odor and safe from bacteria and allergens.

Don't hesitate to get in contact with us for residential professional cleaning in McLean. We are a certified professional cleaning business offering the best upholstery cleaning services at an affordable cost. Get a free estimate now by calling us.

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